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Bunch Rides

Please note: These rides are group rides and not official club training sessions. Our members will most likely be on these rides and will ensure other/new rider's safety and cycling skills are being developed.

Scroll down for 'Race Etiquette' and 'Bunch Ride' tips as well as cycling jargon.

Tuesday Afternoon Training Ride

5:30pm @ Sunderland Lubricants - Swanbrook Rd. Inverell

Bring your lights in non-daylight saving months

Average speed 29 - 32km/h  for 40km ride. The loop is ridden in a clockwise direction.

In summer, Glen Innes Rd to Elsmore turn-off at the top of Dodd's hill about 20km from town. Down a short descent, through the village of Elsmore and back to Inverell along Elsmore Rd.

Thursday Afternoon Training Ride

5:30pm @ Sunderland Lubricants - Swanbrook Rd. Inverell

Bring your lights in non-daylight saving months

Average speed 29 - 32km/h.
Thursday's ride is the same as Tuesday, however the loop is ridden in an anti-clockwise direction.



For those taking part in their first cycle race on the road or are new to group training there are a few points to be aware of to avoid falls and to gain the confidence of others around you.

1. Be predictable with all actions. Maintain a steady straight line and avoid braking or changing direction suddenly, especially if contesting a sprint. Remember that there are riders following closely behind. To slow down gradually move out into the wind and slot back into position in the bunch.

2. Point and call out any road hazards ahead. These include pot-holes, drain grates, stray animals, opening car doors, parked cars, etc.(Sundo will kindly inform you if you neglect to do this)

3. Don’t overlap wheels. A slight direction change or gust of wind could easily cause a touch of wheels.

4. Pedal down hill when at the front of a bunch. Cyclists dislike having to ride constantly under brakes.

5. Stay to the left when in front to allow room for others to pass safely on the right, particularly in traffic. Pass other riders on their right hand side whenever possible.

6. Be smooth with turns at the front of a group. Avoid surges unless trying to break from the bunch. A group will travel quicker when turns are completed smoothly.

7. Avoid leaving gaps when following wheels. Cyclists save about 30% of their energy at high speed by following a wheel. Each time a gap is left, riding is so much more difficult. Also, riders behind you will become annoyed and ride around you, especially if the bunch is working together to break away or catch a break-away group.

8. When climbing hills avoid following a wheel to closely. Many riders often lose their momentum when rising out of the seat in a hill which can cause a sudden deceleration. This can often catch a rider who is following too closely, resulting in a fall from a wheel touching

9. Don’t panic if contact is made with other riders. Try to stay relaxed in the upper body to absorb any bumps. Contact is a part of cycle racing in close bunches and is quite safe provided riders do not panic, brake or change direction suddenly.

Bike Talk

Cycling Jargon can be confusing for the newcomer. Here are a few words and terms that may be used by cyclists around you.

  • ATTACK: A sudden explosive/aggressive surge in speed aimed at cycling away from another rider or group of riders.
  • BUNCH: A group of 6 or more cyclists. The main bunch in a race is often referred to as the peleton or pack.
  • BREAK/ BREAK AWAY: A rider or group of riders that have gained distance ahead of the main race bunch.
  • HANDICAPS: Some events grade riders based on their ability. This is determined from previous events. Generally all open events are graded.
  • SITTING-ON/ DRAFTING: This is where a cyclist rides directly behind another to conserve energy by slip streaming. A rider is shielded from the wind, which makes riding easier.
  • DROPPED: Describes riders that have failed to keep pace with the group/bunch they were riding with.
  • MASSED START: Events where all competitors line up together and leave the starting line at the same time.
  • KNICKS: Padded lycra bike shorts.
  • LEADOUT: A race tactic in which a rider accelerates to top speed for the benefit of another rider. The following rider uses the drafting effect to race past for the final sprint.
  • OPENS:An open event is a race in the National or State calendar. They are open to entries from all Cycling Australia members and apply to Road, Track and Mountain Bike racing.
  • PRIME (pronounced Preem): A special prize awarded to the race leader on selected laps of a Criterium race or the 1st rider to reach a specified land mark in a road race.
  • TIME TRIAL: Riders start individually at given time intervals and race against the clock. Cyclists ride by themselves, sitting-on/drafting is not allowed.
  • TURN: “Taking a turn” is where each rider rides at the front of their respective bunch or group in turns of 100 to 200m and then goes to the back of the bunch.